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Meet the character: Winifred Clarke

Life & Work

Born in Lightbury on November 29, 1951, 25-year-old Winifred moved into her grandparents' cottage in Bermothill after his grandfather passed away. She works as a teacher in the rural school and occasionally in the town bookstore.


Winifred is quite shy and her only loyal friends are her 8-year-old students, but her heart is pure and kind and she always sees the best in each person she meets.

Although deep down she struggles with loneliness, you will always see her with a smile on her face.

She is very grateful and appreciates the little things.

Winifred is rarely late but she is very forgetful and distracted, so she has to write everything down in her journal.

Hobbies & Interests

As an introvert living in a secluded town, Winifred spends most of her time at school and at home writing, reading and baking.

She enjoys going out for country walks and picking wildflowers and mushrooms.

Spring and summer are quite busy for Winifred taking care of her flowers and little vegetable garden, canning food for winter and preparing her lessons.

During the colder months, when she is back from school, she likes to wrap herself in a blanket, write, embroider and eat chocolate by candlelight.

Random Facts


  • loves teapots.

  • won a pie contest at the Bermothill autumn festival.

  • plays the guitar at school for her students without ever having learnt.

  • loves foxes.

  • has a green typewriter.

  • never learnt to swim.

  • doesn't like lentils.

Relevant Family members

Emma Clarke (1895-1952)


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